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Our Advantage

Our service could be fully utilized as an extension of an organization as we are high voltage professionals, Experienced company, Promoted by seasoned campaigners, Cost effective, Precise planing, Technical backup, Innovative creation skills


Event& Celebrity Management

A full service event planning and design experience
  •  How does an event help a brand?
  •  How do you calculate the efficiency of an event
  •  How do you analyze the post-event impact?
  •  What to do to ensure you get the maximum mileage during an event
  •  How can you run parallel promotions with a social event
  •  How to create an event for your company - Corporate/Promotional
  •  How to select a celebrity for your brand endorsement?

Marketing& Media Assistance

A full service event planning and design experience
  •  Perceive your market through your eyes and help you see the bigger picture.
  •  Reaching out to your customer
  •  How do you retain your customer
  •  Prepare your press releases, statements and messages.
  •  Is your brand present in the right media?
  •  Newspapers,Television, Radio & Outdoor
  •  Are you evaluating your media presence?
  •  Are you buying the right media at the right price?